SXSW 2022

Who of you attended the SXSW online in march this year? To me it had a big impact with the range from panels on cultural and social topics, music, technological development and relevant cases on the possibilities of virtual and mixed realities.

To mention only some highlights, Amy Webb presented her 2021 tech trends report, Cathy Hackl and Tom Emrich talked about the rise of volumetric video in PR and marketing mentioning for example the videogame “Afterworld” produced by fashion brand Balenciaga to present their new collection, while Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac and TikTok’s Ole Obermann had a chat on the possibilities of music in social media and the Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Case you might have heard of…

Thanks to all of you!

If you are hooked now and thinking about going to Austin, TX next year or attend online, you can already sneek and pick your panels with the PanelPicker on

If not check it out anyway and you will want to! Advertising, film, music, gaming and yes: the Metaverse!

So who’s coming?